Project K - Supporting Life Reconstruction of the Disaster Victims

Sep 22, 2011 16:43
Share has been involved in starting up the NPO "Livelihood Support Project K," supporting local welfare, health and mental health workers. The target of this NPO is to create a location where people in the disaster area community can consult about problems they are having in everyday life, get to know each other and make activities together. The organization meeting was held on August 20 and this NPO will soon be approved as a specified non-profit juridical person.

The head administration officer is Mr. Masataka Abe, a professor who lives in Kesennnuma City and teaches mental health courses at Tohoku Fukushi University. According to Professor Abe, the number of suicides in Miyagi is the highest of the three prefectures damaged in the tsunami. He is also concerned that suicides will further increase around December when the weather is cold and snow begins to fall. We realized that creation of a structure to support mental and physical health of the people in the community is needed for the long- term reconstruction of their lives.

Six months have passed since the earthquake and tsunami disaster. We can frequently see cargo trucks and heavy duty machinery, and the mountains of rubble are finally beginning to disappear. The distribution system is recovering, and rehabilitation and restoration of buildings is under way. But the reconstruction of the life of disaster victims and rebuilding of a new community in their new life areas are still at the starting stage.

I would like to participate with SHARE in activities supporting the victims over the long term.

Sakae Motohashi, Director, SHARE