Health Workers in Miyagi Prefecture Gathered Together - Peer Support & Reconstruction.

Sep 28, 2011 11:59
I'm Yuko Yamamoto, in charge of domestic health projects of SHARE. It has been a while since I wrote this blog, probably a year.

I've been here in Kesennuma since Sep 20, as a supporter of Ms. Ozaki, a local resident. I can see that the disaster area has been slowly changing because it is my second visit since early August. For example, In the Hashikami district, a drugstore which had been closed due to tsunami damage, reopened on the same site. The supermarket next door is also going to reopen this week. People seem to be looking forward to it. Some people are afraid to go shopping there because a tsunami could hit the same place again, but customers are coming back to the area little by little.

Since August, when the town was finally beginning to recover its composure after the disaster, the Health Consulting Group of Kesennuma Mobile Medical Team has been visiting local people with coordinator Ms. Ozaki and several health workers from Hamada City and Hyogo Prefecture. But now many health workers from municipalities in inland Miyagi are arriving to help. The atmosphere was especially lively on September 20 because more than 10 health workers arrived.

This photo shows the scene at one of the rooms of the Kesennuma Municipal Health Control Center Sukoyaka, which the health consultation group uses as its headquarters. They are finishing up records on visiting temporary housing as they talk about the coming typhoon.


It was wonderful to see workers from the same prefecture cooperating. Although there are slight differences in dialect, even within Miyagi Prefecture, I'm sure that it is reassuring for people in the community to be able to communicate in the Tohoku dialect.

As a coordinator, SHARE carries out daily orientations for about 10 health workers. It is a big job, but we are assisted by the local driver who has been working with us for the last 5 months. He has voluntarily prepared maps to temporary housing areas for health workers to use. We are so grateful to our driver!


The health workers, driver and local people are working for reconstruction of the community. SHARE is going to continue support activities in partnership with the people in the disaster area.

Yuko Yamamoto, Domestic Health Project, SHARE