An Organization Meeting for Project K was Held!

Aug 26, 2011 17:59
The people concerned with the activities which Share is supporting in Kesennuma set up an NPO "Livelihood Support Project K (hereafter referred to as Project K)" and held an organization meeting on Saturday, August 20. The meeting was carried out at the office space in a trailer house which was installed in July. The active members gathered here to meet.

The Project K was set up by local health & welfare workers for the purpose of kick starting communication activities in the community and facilitating the formation of a group focused on livelihood consulting support. This involves listening to the voices of disaster victims living in the temporary housing and their own houses in the Hashikami district of Kesennuma city. We are going to offer livelihood support and hold community events actively.

The founder members of the Project K confirmed the content of activities in the future.

Mr. Komatsu, one of the Project K staff who attended the organization meeting that day, said "We could finally toe the mark with the cooperation of Share. First of all we are going to make a dash for the opening event of 28th but afterward we’d like to make slow support for the community people in accordance with the pace of them."

Project K went into headlines at the page 5 of the local paper Sanriku Shimpo August 21st .

It is Project K that makes the space for the people freely to drop into, observes the health of the community people and undertakes a role to support community tie. The activities of the Project K which Share is supporting are scheduled to be transmitted in this blog and via internet website as needed so you must check it. .

Ceremonial photograph in front of the trailer house.

Assistant of Publicity, Share, Maya, Igawa