"Hashikami Community Plaza" Opened on August 28. Movable Zoo Held as Opening Event.

Aug 29, 2011 15:42
Besides assistance for the Kesennuma mobile medical team, SHARE is also assisting with the NPO "Project K" which was established by the staff of Health and Welfare Division of Kesennuma City.

SHARE has been assisting with the start-up after the Project K trailer house was installed in the Hashikami district on July 23. On August 28, the trailer house was opened under the name of Hashikami Community Plaza. We expect people in the disaster area to utilize this facility as a counseling station for life and health, as well as a community center.

As an opening day event we held a movable zoo and notified visitors of the opening of Hashikami Community Plaza and the purpose of the facility. The weather was not good till the day before opening. But on August 28, the weather was clear and many people visited the facility. A pony, goat, turtle, cat, rabbit, goldfish and crawfish welcomed families. Everyone enjoyed playing with the animals in the zoo.

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On the day, doctors and nurses were available for health counseling, one of our main activities. Many visitors came to consult on blood pressure and mental health. Staffs were satisfied with opening-day activities.

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At Hashikami Community Plaza, we consulted with people about the difficulties in their daily lives and connected them with the appropriate organizations. We have caseworkers, care assistants, welfare equipment consultants, health nurses, nurses, doctors and psychiatric social workers for consulting. We are planning to offer Hashikami Community Plaza for tea breaks and conduct seasonal events. We expect the facility to be utilized as a place people can casually visit.

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In our next report, staff will personally provide more details on opening events.

Noriko Kohmoto, assistant of Kesennuma Project.