A Trailer House is Installed in Kesennuma.

Aug 12, 2011 18:16
A trailer house arrived at Kesennuma on July 23. Along with activities in cooperation with local governments, SHARE is supporting an NPO "Project K" that local people involved in health and welfare are in the process of establishing. This building will be the headquarters of both "Project K" and SHARE. Even more important, it is going to be utilized as a hall for tea parties and other community gatherings. Expectations are that it will be used to promote communication among people in the area. To that end, we have added a slope to make it accessible and inviting for everyone.

In addition, "Project K" is made up of members with strong roots in this region, such as Mr. Komatsu, a care manager who has been introduced previously in this blog. Members are those who suffered loss in the earthquake and tsunami, losing friends, family and their hometown-full of memories. Some hurried back to their homes to help family members, but ended up running for dear life when the tsunami came rushing in. The employee of a construction company who built the slope for the entrance to the trailer house is still waiting for news of his two sons who went missing in the disaster.

I was encouraged and motivated by all of these people who have born so much grief and yet have stood up and begun to work for the sake of their communities-not just thinking of themselves. Our new trailer house is filled with the feelings and wishes of many such people.

The trailer house that has just arrived.

Five months have passed since the disaster. The debris of the town is being cleared, and more and more people are moving to temporary housing from shelters. We often see the word "reconstruction" these days, but the minds of people in the quake zone are still greatly occupied by sorrow and suffering. There are many people who can't move forward. In order for all to achieve a future that is safe, comfortable and without fear, I'll try to do all that I can, not only as a member of SHARE but also as a private individual. I'd like to continue to walk with the people of Kesennuma and those of "Project K."

Rie Ozaki,
Coordinator of Kesennuma Project, SHARE