To help you donate effectively and support as many people in Japan as possible...

NGOs were chosen by reliable Japanese academics and researchers in the U.S.

This website was developed by a group of Japanese graduates students and researchers of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in collaboration with web engineers in Japan.

Our Top Recommendations

The website is structured to meet various needs of the users

  • We chose reliable NGOs based on the below criteria and provided key information to help you compare these NGOs
  • We strongly recommend that you look at the 'direct' and 'indirect' pages and use this website as a starting point if you wish to learn more about each NGO
  • But for those who wish to decide more quickly, we have listed below our top recommendations by categories

For medical and health support

NGOs introduced in this website were chosen using robust criteria:

  • Have an English website for credit card donation (US tax deductible prioritized)
  • Have a donation system set up specifically for the Japan earthquake relief effort (smaller maintenance fee/administration cost prioritized)
  • Have vast relief and reconstruction experiences and local capacity (less familiar to people outside Japan prioritized to improve donation efficiency)
  • Or have direct channels with reliable local NGOs in Japan


We make no warranty that any information obtained by you as a result of your use of this site will be accurate, reliable or legitimate. If you make a donation through any entities and/or linked sites which this site introduces from time to time, you expressly understand and agree that you shall make such donation at your sole risk. Please click here for details.